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Business Model

Dorset Capital typically takes an active role in its portfolio companies. Examples include assisting with organizational, structuring, legal, financing, operational, marketing, and scaling strategies and issues. A goal of participation with management is to reduce legal expenses and increase the efficiency dealing with outside counsel by providing in-house counsel support, and by organizing the business to attract financing, collaborations, and investor interest.

As noted in the White Paper, Best Practices in Fund Raising and M&A Due Diligence, nightmares can be avoided, and value can be optimized by having the corporate house in order and by early preparation of due diligence requirements.

Because of Dorset’s extensive experience with UK companies and finance, Dorset is positioned to assist companies suitable for expansion from the U.S. to the U.K. and companies from the U.K. considering expansion to the U.S. In light of the UK’s recent pro-business elections, the City of London is experiencing an increase in investment capital, hence the transatlantic expansion could trigger a significant valuation inflection.

Dorset’s participation with a company can take a variety of forms. Examples are a consulting role, acting as a member of an advisory board, or a more formal role on the board of directors.


  • “HealthTech” companies with proprietary digital health technology products provide solutions to address increasing costs of healthcare, personalized patient medical care, or care of patients with diseases and conditions common with aging. HealthTech products include patient monitoring, wearable medical devices, robotics, diagnostics and imaging, secure data management, artificial intelligence, virtual or augmented reality, and genomic screening.
  • Early growth-stage companies with the minimum viable product(s) having IP protection where inventive research risk has been discharged, the product has been endorsed by a center of excellence in the sector, and the business model has been validated by early collaborations and/or by revenue generation or other evidence of customer acceptance.
  • For post-Series A or Series B, companies wish to prepare for the next liquidity event, biotech, health technology, or similar areas of focus.
  • US companies suitable for UK expansion or funding in the UK and UK companies suitable for US expansion or funding in the US.
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